New Emacs configuration

This year I wanted to blog more, but it is really hard to focus on writing while working, studying, learning German and taking Coursera courses (more on that hopefully shortly in a another post).

For now I just wanted to share that after years of having the same configuration of Emacs, I changed my configuration. I had been using the same configuration for some years adding stuff on top of it. It was slow and full of bugs. Today I discovered that my Python+Yasnippet+AC stopped working for unknown reasons and that made me realize it was time to create a new configuration.

I also changed the Color theme to "Misterioso" and I am linking it a lot. I am not using all the packages I was using before. In particular, for now I have stopped using Emacs Code Browser but probably I will install it soon.

You can find more details and all the configuration files on the new repo I have created to track the changes to I will continue making to it:

Below a screeshot taken while I was this blog and coding some Python :)


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