This Site Runs on Nikola

I have changed the site from Jekyll to Nikola. Mainly because I am mostly a Python coder nowadays and because the Jekyll version I was using it was kind of hacky and full of patches I created. So let's see if I finally get to write more often. I have been thinking on becoming an Iron Blogger but it might be too much. If I start blogging more using this setup I will definitively consider it.

I really dig that Nikola offers good support of org-mode format (which I use to store my notes and other personal information). Actually, this post was written using org-mode from Emacs. It also has good support of blogging with Jupyter Notebooks, which I use a lot also at work. It also comes with capabilities for importing from systems like Wordpress or Jekyll. I do have to change Disqus URLs to match the new format.

The rest of the post it is going to be me trying stuff and some features of Nikola and org-mode Emacs.

for x in range(1, 10):
print list(range(0, 9))
[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

With org-babel I can run the code inside get the output. I find that pretty-neat when blogging and showing code snippets.

A random graph, trying out how to use Nikola's short codes.

Browser usage evolution (in %)
0010102020303040405050606070708080200220032004200520062007200820092010201120120137.29965034965036504.11538461538464200416.6194.74720279720282456.3051819974897200525252.19475524475524432.11206741975974200631309.6423076923077414.83127129280973200785.847.681468531468525257.0200284.6105.12902097902098260.45615922539200384.7162.57657342657345260.1681459566075200474.5220.0241258741259289.54549937242246200566277.4716783216783314.0266272189349200658.6334.9192307692308335.33960910883985200714.260.31993006993006463.2175004482697200215.4117.76748251748252459.7613412228797200315.3175.21503496503496460.049354491662220048.9232.66258741258744478.482203693742220059290.1101398601399478.19419042495963200610.4347.5576923076923474.16200466200472007Browser usage evolution (in %)FirefoxChromeIEOthers

Short codes need to be surrounded by by



It took me a while to get used to Nikola style and properly configure it. I should have written the steps down but I forgot. However, there are plenty of resources.


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