Interesting Events in 2013

Here a list of interesting events in Europe that I find interesting and I would like / will attend in 2013. If you have any suggestions for events please comment :-).

Make Munich 2013:

Make Munich is a Do-it-yourself/ Hacker / 3d printing exhibition fair in Munich. I am not really into these topics, but a friend of mine insisted on attending and given that is relatively inexpensive (if the ticket are bought early enough), I think is a good opportunity to see and learn, and maybe trying get into this topic.

Eurocamp 2013:

The European Ruby Camp. Although I am not an active Ruby developer (lately mostly Matlab and soon Python). I love Ruby and when I do small stuff and script I write them in this language. Also, Ruby meetings are fun. Last year I attended RuPy, and although not Ruby exclusive, a lot of the community members were present.

Machine Learning Summer School 2013:

Since I was in Colombia I wanted to attend a Machine Learning school. Last year, when I arrived, it was in the Canaries. It was also bit expensive (due to the ticket to the canaries) and I did not have time to properly apply (I just had arrived some months ago). This year is going to be held in Germany, so it is quite convinient for me.

One of the requirements for the application is to send the abstract of a poster that is would be presented by the application if it get accepted into the summer school. I will send an abstract about the work I am doing in my interdisciplinary guided research that is related to Music Information Retrieval.


Here I will post some of the conferences I can't attend or those that would be nice but very difficult / expensive to attend.

European Summer School in Information Retrieval:

The problem with this one is that it collides with MLSS :(. But I would totally love to attend this summer school.

Baruco 2013:


I am going to work with Python / Scikit-learn a lot this year, so I think this will nicely complement my Python learning.


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