Starting Over

The best way to avoid starting over is never to stop doing something. Easy to say, hard to accomplish. The good thing is that this is mostly a personal exercise as I don't have many reader and I generally put here only technical stuff. Anyways, a lot has changed since the last time I actually wrote something (besides a boring list of links, I will probably continue doing it though.).

  • I moved to Berlin (it's been a year, amazing experience).
  • I still work for TrustYou, but now remotely.
  • I started a Medium blog, mostly in Spanish.
  • I presented at PyData Berlin 2015. Met Awesome people. Good experience.
  • I attended Europython 2016, my first Python event. Another good experience. Bilbao and the sourrounding area is very beautiful.
  • I started playing my accordion more often. Now I take classes of the Colombian style via Skype with Luis Javier. An awesome teacher.
  • I traveled to Colombia for a couple of months. I worked 6 weeks from there. (Does that make me a "Digital Nomad"?).
  • I gave a talk in Colombia (in Spanish) about my work. Another highlight from the trip.
  • I got into Ethnomusicology, in particular Gaita Music and traditional tropical rythms of Colombia. I still need to read some books of Peter Wade.
  • I bought some Gaita Colombiana flutes (Kuisi in Kogi or Chuanas in Zenu language) from a good instrument maker in the proximity of Sahagún (Colombia). I plan to learn how to play them, at least a couple of songs.

Berlin is way different to Munich. Munich is clean, beautiful and organized. It is close to the Alps, and it is perfect for doing things outdoors, when the weather allows. Tech scene is OK in Munich but not that crazy. Although poorer, Berlin has a more dynamic Startup environment and way more events and things to do inside the city. It has lot of interest group both technology and hobbies. It is way more multicultural, so you can you events of many types. There huge scenes of different types of musics and art. In particular I am very interested in the Art and Tech, Music Technology and Maker scene and events of the city. There some things I miss about Munich, but I am pretty happy with the change. I think I will stay in this city for some years.

Regarding this blog, I am going to try to keep posting my link logs but I will also try to write more about what I do day to day, mostly technical stuff. I will write on the Medium blog in Spanish and when post are not so technical.


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