Linklog - Week 20

This blog post was in the making for a while. I think I got distracted with many things (including a move to Berlin, more on that later). I am also started writing some posts on Medium, I will continue using it mostly for non-technical stuff.

For now let just publish this:

Burda Hackday - The Futute of Finance

I participated in the Burda Hackathon about the future of finance. Here's my report on the experience.

Colombian Salaries Survey.

A bit of self-promotion here. Famous Colombian entrepreneur Alexander Torrenegra recently released the results from a Survey about the salaries of Colombian Software Developers. I wrote an aticle Medium Medium that uses the data in a slightly different way.

Mining Massive Data Sets

This year I started some very interesting MOOCs, I couldn't complete all of them. However, I did finish Mining Massive Data Sets from Coursera and got the Certificate. I have to say that this is one of the best online course I have taken so far. I think the diversity and usefulness of the topics are high and made me look at topic I previously have seen in a different way. I can say the only thing I did not like from the course is Prof. Ullman. I mean he is great, but his videos in the course were the most "heavy" way less entertaining. However the overall course structure and videos are great. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to deep dive into massive data processing. A background in machine

What the F**K

I found this nice tool called thefuck that tries to match a wrong command to a correct one using your command history. Basically if after writing a wrong command line you write fuck it will try to automatically fix it.

Pig DataFu

Lately I have been working with Pig. A Dataflow programming languages. Really useful for juggling with data. I have been writing UDFs and playing with some advanced functionality of it. At TrustYouwe use a library that I did not know before. It is called DataFu and it contains a lot of useful techniques.

Random Links

  • I finally watche dthe GapMinder presentation. Really interesting how the world have changed and how we still hold sort of old world views.
  • This Github repository repo contains interesting Notebooks, some of them extracted from nice books.
  • O'Reilly Launched


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