Linklog - Week 11

Machine Learning / Data Science Links

A couple of links of interesing NLP related class from Standford NLP group (These are not MOOC, but some materials - maybe videos - are going to be posted online)

Other random links:

Data Journalism

A really nice tutorial on how to do data journalism (in German though) On the right side there various bars with links to nice tools to help different stages fo the data journalism (and to some extend) data science process.

Download Music from Soundcloud

We culd discuss the whole day the ethics of downlaoding a song from Soundcloud. However, sometimes is what you want to do. I found a little free application for Mac written by a Swiss guy.

You can thank me later.

Nu-Cumbia and Alternative-Folk

Talking of sound cloud I am creating a couple of list of music. One is from Cumbia remixes / convers of famous pop-songs (Yeah, that thing actually exists). The other is what I call Colombia Alternative-Folk. They are Colombian groups that play Colombian Folk music (there are many genres and subgenres) but with a twist.

Delete Training whitespace on Emacs (for Python)

I had issues keeping my Python source codes without trailing whitespaces. After a bit research I came up with my own version (just for Python files, as it was affecting other modes like Deft/Org).

(defun py-delete-whitespace ()
          (when (eq (buffer-local-value 'major-mode (current-buffer)) 'python-mode)

(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'py-delete-whitespace)

Learning a bit of e-lisp every day.

Spacemacs / Prelude Emacs Distributions

Apparently the last trend is to use neither Emacs nor Vim but a mixture of them. I found out a interesting Emacs distribution that aims to provide Vim-like functionality while keeping the Emacs power. I also found another interesting distribution called Prelude. I am always looking for ways to improve my workflow and Prelude seems to bring a batteries include distribution of Emacs. I am going to try it out both and decide whether to stay with my current Emacs configuration or switch to one of these distribution.


I found a nice tool called MAPfrappe "compare" maps and create cartographic "mixtures".

Munich on Berlin

Munich on Berlin

Berlin on Munich

Berlin on Munich


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